About Us

Our Founding Journey

Front Row from the left:
Devon Lewis, Fred Bartholomew, Janice Ramsay, Paul Powell, Monica Thomas, Joan Ramsay.

Back Row from the left:
Maroney Hamilton, Christine Langshaw, Alvin Watkins, Bruce Palmer, Lloyd Fray, Velma Thompson, Solomon Smith, Deaverlin Brown.


In the vibrant tapestry of Florida’s Jamaican community, a remarkable journey began in July 1988. Fred Bartholomew, freshly settled in the Sunshine State, stumbled upon a radio announcement that would set the stage for something extraordinary. The message spoke of a Jamaican Alumni Association meeting, an event that stirred Fred’s curiosity.

Quick to share the news with fellow alumnus John Clark, they both felt a distinct resonance with the idea. Yet, when the meeting unfolded with plans for a multi-school alumni association, Fred and John envisioned something more focused and deeply rooted.

Undeterred, Fred reached out to Velma Grice, another Dinthill graduate in Florida, proposing the idea of an Alumni Association exclusively for Dinthill graduates. The concept resonated, and with the addition of Bruce Palmer, another Dinthill alumnus in Florida, the spark of possibility turned into a flame of initiative.

Within a week, a dedicated group of 15 Dinthill graduates gathered, with 14 present at the inaugural meeting. And thus, the Dinthill Technical High School Alumni Association of Florida was officially established.

Building Community

The nascent association dove into the journey with zest. Regular meetings and monthly social gatherings at members’ homes became the norm. To fuel their initiatives, members passionately contributed food and drinks, offering meals for $5.00, creating a steady income stream.

The early days saw ingenious fundraisers, including lively New Year’s parties at hotels. These successful events not only fostered camaraderie but also generated funds that, over the next two years, enabled the association to make meaningful donations to the school.


Our Commitment

Decades may have passed, but the spirit of camaraderie, resilience, and commitment remains the driving force of the Dinthill Technical High School Alumni Association of Florida. Today, we stand as a testament to the vision and dedication of our founders.

Join us in preserving the legacy, fostering connections, and contributing to the continued success of Dinthill Technical High School. Together, we build bridges across time and miles.

Meet Our teAm

Passionate individuals dedicated to our chapter’s mission.


Derrick Blair (1986)

Vice President

Clayton Todd (1976)


Kareen Robinson (1991)


Freddie Bartholomew (1968)

Director Public Relations

Barrington NUGENT (1973)

Director Membership


Assistant Treasurer


Assistant Scretary


Immediate Past President


Empowering Futures, Building Legacies

At the Dinthill Technical High School Alumni Association of Florida, the blank space represents boundless opportunities and uncharted territories. This is where we embrace the spirit of innovation and creativity. It's an open canvas waiting to be filled with the dreams and aspirations of our members. As an association committed to progress, this section signifies the limitless potential for growth, community impact, and the continuous evolution of our shared vision.

Our Philosophy

We, at Champion School, follow a child-centered educational approach. We make sure that it is based on scientific observations from birth to adulthood. We believe that a child is naturally curious and is capable of initiating learning in a supportive and thoughtfully prepared environment.

Our Mission

Our mission at Champion school is to develop the unique abilities and potential of each child by offering an enriched educational program. We strive for excellence through a hands-on approach. Rich traditions rooted in our innovative curriculum grow productive, caring, and intellectually curious citizens.

Our Core Values

We have a culture that is modern, relevant, and inspires students to have a brighter future. We are determined in our approach to learning, are creative in our thinking, and bold in our ambitions.

Our Team

Our association is powered by a dynamic team of individuals who share a common commitment to the ideals of Dinthill. Each member brings unique talents, experiences, and a passion for giving back to our alma mater.